Cheap car insurance and the action required following an auto accident

The Government has a direct interest in assessing the cost of traffic accidents to the economy. The more people who are injured, the more days are lost from work, unemployment may increase, and with earning power potentially reduced, there's less money to spend. When you add in the auto and health insurance costs in paying all the bills, everyone ends up poorer. So the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration promotes greater safety in design from the manufacturers and tries to persuade us to drive more carefully. Why bother? Because there are more than 5 million wrecks every year. So here's a quick checklist of things to do and not to do if you're one of the unlucky ones.

The first important fact to note is the law does not require a blanket disclosure of all your personal details. All you need share is your name and full contact details for your insurer. The worst possible thing you can do is allow the other driver to use the camera onboard a cell phone or handheld to take a picture of your driver's license. Remember how many retailers ask for license information as proof of your identity over the phone. If you give your home address or personal telephone number, identity thieves can target you by going through your mail or garbage. Or knowing you're not home, telephone an accomplice to burglarize your home. Then notify local law enforcement. Although this is not always required unless someone is injured, making a report improves the claims handling process.

It may not seem an obvious link but the risk of identity theft is rising fast with the FBI estimating some 9 million people find their privacy and identity compromised every year. To help guide you through the process following an accident, the NAIC has created a mobile app to give step-by-step instructions and then email the completed report to the insurance company. If you support the effort to reduce false claims, the chances of retaining cheap car insurance are improved. Fail to protect yourself, you could lose both your unique identity and your cheap car insurance. Your choice.